Engram and Barkley

I am in a 12 team PPR league with the first pick, and I am looking to draft Barkley number 1. However, I am looking to snag Engram at the turn with my 5th round pick. Would owning Two giants be a god idea, or maybe go McCaffrey with Engram, or hold out for a tight end later, like Vance? Thoughts?

I actually don’t fear the two of them together just because the volume is so guaranteed for both. The offense is gonna run through Saquon, Engram imo will lead the team in receiving and Barkley will be up there too. Like all teams they’ll have some games where the offensive output isn’t the highest but I think the offense, led by these 2, will be good enough to allow them both to shine

I agree with @Shaunfrasier. Engram will be great the first 4 weeks and probably great for the season. I wouldn’t pass on Barkley.

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