Engram+Edelman for Jordan Reed+Vikes D

Should I give up Engram and Edelman for Jordan Reed and the Vikings Defense?

I have NYJ D right now which isn’t great. I have Devante Adams/Adam Thielen so I’m not worried about losing Edelman.

Seems too good to be true?

What the heck. No. You don’t trade skill position players for defense.

Engram is still good. He just had two pretty horrible match-ups so far that do really well vs TEs. If you watch the game, he’s still really damn good at football. Engram vs Reed is close to a wash for me when you account for injury risk.

Fair points, I just was hoping to upgrade my Defense because I have Devante Adams/Adam Thielen/Cooper Kupp as my starting 3 WRs, so I didn’t mind giving up Julian Edelman to upgrade my D.

Just stream defenses man. Very view defenses out there that are worth owning season long. Also, vikings are much better real life defense than they are a fantasy defense. They hold opponents to low yardage but they don’t score many TDs or get that many INTs.

Alright, fair points, I’m not as experienced in fantasy as some so I gotta remind myself to stick to my team and not tilt to often/early.

Thanks for the advice

nope, a DEF is no substitution for depth