Engram got dropped to waivers

Evan engram was dropped to waivers in one of my leagues. I’m 4th on waiver order and I owned walker before his injury. Other options include ASJ and cook. kittle gone.

What’s engrams value with a crowded passing game in ny and do I blow my waiver for him

Damn this league for not using faab

I like Engram. He had a tough week 1 but so did the majority of other TEs. He’s a talented pass catcher and Eli tends to take a few weeks to get the rust off. I like him as a longterm play. If youre worried about this week, Ben Watson has a nice matchup. Best of Luck!

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So would you use the waiver on him or wait for an rb to emerge at some point in the season

I think you should use it, that way you don’t have to worry about the TE later in the year. he will have bad weeks like he did last week but overall should be a safe play

Engram got dropped in my league and it’s dynasty! I’m definitely picking him up.

Burn that waiver priority for Engram and hope you get him.

Sent it. Time to pray lol