Engram or Burton?

I had Walker go down this week - looking to capitalize on Engram or Burton’s weak week 1. Who do you prefer? Burton owner had a strong week overall, so they don’t really have any “needs”. Engram owner, however, also has Cook and Kittle so Engram is their “weakest” this week. They are also a Pats fan - would giving Edelman for Engram be a decent offer?

I have Ebron as backup (solid week 1), but not sure how reliable he will be going forward.

Standard Scoring.

Engram by a long shot.

Would you offer up Edelman for Engram?
My WR are hurting so could use him in the long run - I have Baldwin (out long term?), Jones Jr., Robinson, Anderson, K. Benjamin

Yes. Engram is worth more than Edelman in any format tbh.

And you don’t see Ebron as a reliable weekly play?

No he only got 5 targets and Luck threw the ball like 50 times. He only played in like half the snaps. He’s lucky he got a TD but in games where Luck throws like 30 times, he’s not even playable.

With having a somewhat weak WR group, not sure if giving up Edelman is great long term play (though imagine the waiver wire will highlight value over time).

Also, is there not built in concern with Engram given a. Manning and b. Beckham is back.

I need more of a push here hah :slight_smile: