Engram or uzomah

Need a TE this week and possibly ROS. standard scoring.

I’m taking uzomah this week. I no he has bageled before but with green out some of his target share has to go somewhere and I don’t see boyd taking on much more and I don’t trust Ross (cincy native here). Also doyle just outsnaps engram heavily, I think engram dropped to like 30% snaps or something was doyle was back on the field. I like uzomah as a play in the saints matchup to come down with a td

Engram, not ebron dude

o lol…whoops. my b. welp, u may not trust me at this point for getting that mixed up but i would still probably play uzomah over engram bc eli just doesn’t throw many tds and his matchup is still better going against the saints vs the 49ers. ROS eli may also get benched