Engram Trade

Hi everyone,

I would love some insight into this trade. I am trying to sell rudolph high after his 1 reception for 8 yards and a TD. One person even offered me Engram and Robby anderson for rudolph. Even though I do not rate Anderson highly at all I feel like this is quite a steal. Am I wrong? Would love some help deciphering whether or not I should accept this trade. Thanks everyone!

I would do it. Maybe drop or hold Anderson if anything he may be on and off this season depending on who Darnold throws to. Plus Rudolph might be a TD or bust TE so Engram would be a good upgrade

Make the trade, Engram was like 2 drops and a holding penalty away from a monster day. Hold Anderson hope he drops another TD this week and trade him if you can.


Make this trade now.
As for Andersen, who else do you have to drop if not him?