Engram trades

OJ Howard and Djax for Engram and Chris Thompson

I would not. Engram has all of the targets in NY and could be a top 2 TE at the end of the year. Would try to get someone better than Djax

I want the Engram side. Also Thompson’s gonna be no slouch the first half, Guice missing time and AP offering zilch in the pass game means a lot of opportunity for Thomson if he can stay healthy

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I’m the one who would be receiving Engram

After OJ Howard’s week, you are not going to be able to get Engram and another player. Possibly OJ and DJax for Engram. Depends on the other teams needs.

If this was an offer made to you then yes, take it. If this is an offer you’re making then good luck, I wouldn’t accept it. Try to clarify that on the front end along with your league scoring, often time that will make a difference on our opinions.

sorry, then i would