Enough for Kamara?

My Kamara + Cooks for Keenan Allen, DJ Moore, and Kerryon?

RB: Kamara, Freeman, Freeman, Coleman, Thompson

WR: Cooks, Mclaurin, AB(still holdin), Dorsett

TE: Waller, Andrews

Not bad, I’d want a little better than Kerryon in return. Have you considered packaging a TE since you have 2 good ones?

Yeah. It’s the best I’ve been able to put together. This league is very trade-averse. This owner has Kittle at TE. I’m actively shopping both my TE’s, too.
Being 1-4 makes me a little more antsy to shake things up. Kamara plus my WR lineup isn’t getting it done. Brees is still a few weeks from returning