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Enraged Commish


I’ve been playing in two leagues for a decade now. One is a 12 manager redraft and the other is a 10 manager keeper. I am Commish of the keeper league. I bring this situation to the forum because I need advice. Last year was the first time in 10 years our league vetoed a trade. It was one of mine. As commissioner I encourage trading whenever possible yet each year we seem to only have 1-3 trades per season. Not only did this irritate me as a manager trying to build the best roster but it disappointed me as commish considering this was only the second trade offer of the year. There are a couple reasons the trade was vetoed in my opinion. First of all my team at the time of the trade was tied for first at 6-1. Secondly the person on the receiving end was my brother who was 2-5. So my league mates armed with no rationale other than we are brothers decided to claim collusion. Mind you we all know each other and more than half the league has lived with one another at some point in time. Very tight group and for the record my brother and I don’t hang out nearly as much as I do with other league mates.

All in all I think what started as an election night ( yea to make it even more ridiculous this all took place between Nov 8th and 9th ) knee jerk reaction by the league to claim collusion ended with them actually following through with the veto despite losing votes after I made my case. As it turns out the original trade wouldn’t have helped either team in the end but the point is this sets a stupid precedent. Without a shred of proof or even hearsay the league not only abused their power of the veto but in my opinion turned on the commish. It’s already a big enough pain in the ass to get these 9 other people in the same room at the same time and make sure there is a draft board with plenty of food and beer. Add in past years of tracking down payments and now a group of managers who feel they can veto a trade they deem unfair…I’m considering retaliation. Does anyone have any ideas on how to prevent this from happening in the future? I’ve considered buying the name domains of each veto vote and making ridiculous websites under their names. If they veto again without proof of collusion the sites go public. Is this going too far?

Here are the last five years of trades in my keeper league. Each year ends with trade totals. For example in 2016 I was involved in all 3 of the trades offered in the league. 2015 I was involved in 1 of 2 trades make that year. On average how many trades happen in your leagues? Has anyone else suffered a veto? What was the reasoning? As always thank you for your time.

2016: Cole Beasley and Tevin Coleman for Amari Cooper 10/02
Devontae Booker and J.J. Nelson for Matt Forte and Jordan Reed 11/9 (VETOED)
Gio Bernard and J.J. Nelson for Jordan Reed 11/15 3 of 3
2015: Mariota and Kansas D for Jonathan Stewart, Devante Parker, Eric Ebron on 09/26 1 of 2
2014: Lamar Miller for Kelvin Benjamin on 10/18 1 of 2
2013: Fred Jackson for Torrey Smith 11/9 1 of 1
2012: Jason Witten for PAyton Manning 10/25 1 of 2


Easiest way to deal with it is get rid of veto voting. You as a commish need to step in if it seems like there’s collusion but I think you should just get rid of veto voting all together.


First of all, I don’t like veto voting. I expect a Commissioner to manage the league with integrity and to manage trades, with a co- Commish as backup for cases like this. But this is your league and you probably can’t (and shouldn’t) change rules without a league vote.

That said, I think you need to get over yourself. Trading with your brother who could be perceived as out of the playoff hunt smells fishy. To add to that smell, your trade was pretty lopsided in your favor. JJ Nelson was a 1 week wonder in 2016 and Booker had him beat by 1 game. Both were probably waiver wire pickups, although Booker had probably been drafted and dropped when the bye weeks started. You were selling ridiculously high (and good on ye fer trying) for a proven stud in Reed. And Forte wasn’t exactly a throwaway there.

As a commissioner, it is your duty to manage the league with integrity. Even perceived infractions should be avoided. And there are times when being Commissioner is a PITA. You can do things to make it easier, such as collecting money via League Safe or hitting teams who have not paid with a 10 point deduction after week 1 if they haven’t paid. And if you feel that others aren’t contributing enough, try having the Commish job rotate each year so they can gain an appreciation of the work involved.

In the end, I think you should either get over it or get out. The website idea is childish. It sounds like your case of butthurt hasn’t diminished and you are not using logic to act as a league mate, let alone Commish. This has the potential to destroy long-standing friendships.


Get rid of league veto and turn it to commish only. Then have the league vote on co-commishes A and B. So if you’re involved with a trade A will have veto power. And if you’re involved in a trade with A then B will have veto power. Best way to do it.

Last year I was 3-0 and traded Carlos Hyde and Brandon Marshall for Cam Newton. I felt I was getting the best of that trade by far considering how deep my bench was. The whole league screamed it was collusion. The commish allowed it. Of course in the end it really didn’t work out for anyone. Well at least Hyde produced before he got hurt. Just trying to say that even though a trade may appear lopsided it by no means is collusion.


I just noticed that this was a keeper. No way that the trade was lopsided! Team off to a bad start traded away aging veterans to build for the future.


He didn’t say how many keepers, but I bet neither JJ nor Booker was kept. It was way-lopsided.


Thanks for the feedback everyone. I am definitely still butt hurt but will take the high road and forego retaliation. For better or worse being in a league with childhood friends has a certain amount of baggage from previous pranks. These days the league is one of the only opportunities to partake in childlike behavior. But as you’ve stated the commissioner should maintain order.


The guys are talking about just this topic today. They just stated vetos are for collusion not to judge the value of trades even if they seem lopsided. They go even further to state how many times seemingly lop-sided trades don’t turn out to be lop-sided. BTW is a 3 keeper league and it doesn’t appear he will keep either of them but nobody knew this would be the case at the point of the trade. It amazes me how much this veto bothers me.


The brother to brother trade is where people smell collusion. Even though you stated that you and your brother aren’t as close as you and some of your friends, you are blood.

Another aspect that cannot be overlooked is that you are Commish. As commissioner in a competitive money league, I go the extra mile to avoid the perception of taking advantage of my position. It seems that distrusting authority is a natural state of being.

Seriously, if this is bothering you that much, give up the job or even the league. You seem to feel that you are under appreciated. You are having trouble letting go of this. You want to be “right” and that isn’t going to happen.


You notice that everyone here was able to tell what side of the trade you were on despite you not saying. You were a leading team trading with a team that was pretty much out of it in a pretty lopsided trade, and on top of that it’s with your bro. I would have voted this down too.