Epic blockbuster deal

I was just offered an insane deal that I need help analyzing from the footclan.

In a ten team standard scoring keeper league I was offered:

CMC ($27), Jimmy G ($3) , and DJ Chark (N/A) for Kamara ($59), Bell ($42), and Mahomes ($3).

The kicker is this is an auction keeper league, players can be kept for their draft prices (represented next to their names) from prior years. We start the draft with $200.

I’m currently 4-7 and on the outside looking in on a playoff spot. This deal would essentially be made for next year.

My other keepers would be J.Jacobs $41 & C. Godwin $1 to pair with CMC $27.

You can only keep 3 guys.

Should I roll with Mahomes, Kamara, Bell or should I mortage the farm for CmC who is the highest prized commodity in our league now and probably will be for years to come!?

How many seasons can you keep them? How many more years would you be able to keep CMC?

In the words of Hamilton ‘Ham’ Porter… FOOOOREVER