Epic dynasty question

dynasty full ppr

I was offered Terry McLaurin and a 2021 3rd rd rookie pick for James Robinson and one of my 2021 1st rd rookie pick. Should i accept?

My RBs are Melvin Gordon, Leonard Fournette, Raheem Mostert (injured), Antonio Gibson, Dion Lewis, Chris Thompson, Justin Jackson, Jordan Wilkins, and Kalen Ballage.

My WRs are Tyler Lockett, Jerry Jeudy, Jamison Crowder (injured), Emmanuel Sanders, Sammy Watkins (injured), Denzel Mims (injured), Damiere Byrd, Tim Patrick, Andy Isabella, Olabisi Johnson, and Donovan Peoples-Jones.

And yes, we are a very deep league.

I think I definitely accept that if I’m you. You have some upside plays and decent options at RB, more so than at WR imo. And, all things considered, to me there is greater value, especially in full PPR, for McLaurin than J-Rob. Now, I understand he’s polarizing, so it depends where you land. For me, I would accept.

Thoughts on mine?

You are in need of a WR for sure, but i wouldnt let jrob go for that price. Maybe straight up for Terry, even in full PPR. If Jrob maintains this level of production, i could see Miami keeping him at the lead back position or trading him to a team that needs one. I’m a jrob fan…



As for your question, I’m not sure… Saquon is talented enough to be the top RB every single year no doubt. The thing is, his team sucks. They’re wasting his career and not helping him much by getting a better o-line. If you spend a 2nd ovr pick on a RB, you gotta do everything you can to protect him.

I think you lost, but not by much. Dobbins is gonna be insane on a fire offense as well as Hollywoooood lol. You got a great team tho!

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I agree with everything you said here. Not a terrible trade, but im probably keeping Dobbins and Hollywood since saquan is out til next year anyways.

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Thanks, @jkh197 . Yeah it hurt and actually the league was in an uproar saying I “stole” Saquon. It sure didn’t feel like that, though. I have been second guessing myself since I pulled the trigger. Their response did help make me second guess less, though… ha

I do agree with @jkh197 that maybe you could finesse those draft picks and massage that a little bit. I would probably still do it as is if you couldn’t massage it, but I get what he’s saying and agree that you definitely have some leverage. Could potentially do a 2 for a 3 or something possibly. Never hurts to try!

And yeah, I thought about how Dobbins could potentially be drafted near Saquon next year, with the lost year of Saquon and Dobbins being able to score points this year, not even factoring in Marquise. Granted Marquise was my WR5, but still, he’s a beast, too. I like Dillon and Hamler, but they’re definitely long shots. I had a hard time valuing Saquon after the injury. I know if I could have traded JK and Hollywood for Saquon last week I would have been in disbelief. It felt like an opportunity to get him low, but I think he carries a lot more risk than the tier he has been viewed on for so long. Oh well, he’s my dude. I’ll live with it and hope Dillon and/or Hamler help ease the blow for me… hahaha

You definitely didnt steal saquan haha. the guy in my league who was offered saquan for mostert straight up stole saquan. smh…

Daaaaaaaaang!!! That’s wild! lol Well I found out after we did the deal his next best offer was a “package” including Akers. Not sure what that “package” included, but I think I could have gotten him for much less than I gave. I was trying to move quickly because I knew he was selling and everyone knew he was selling. The day Saquon got hurt he sent trade offers to every team in the League. I think I moved too quickly lol

do you have an answer to my question?

It’s likely the entire coaching staff of Jacksonville is gone at years end, which means Robinson will have to earn his spot all over again vs whomever the new staff brings in at RB. Remeber that a lot of the same staff who ID Robinson as a better back also originally used a 4th round pick on Leonard. if it were me I would avoid Jacksonville players at all cost.