Equal Trade?

I trade away Bell and TY Hilton and Receive Kamara and Davante Adams. What do you think?

no, it’s massively lopsided in your favor, actually. go right ahead haha.

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You’ve robbed someone - well done!

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I’d do that in a heartbeat

Kamara Adams wins in a landslide

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Kamara and Adams bye a huge margin. Bell is name only.

Awesome. I haven’t offered this yet but I’m trying to tighten up my RBs and WRs. I want them to accept the offer though so maybe I could throw in Ekler to make it more equal?

haha. oh, well that explains it…

Have they responded at all…? I only ask because as a trade offer this is pretty low ball to anyone that knows fantasy football and starts on the wrong foot. Adams is a matchup, QB proof WR1 and Kamara is a stud RB1.

Bell is all potential right now and Hilton is hurt and a lower end WR1 than Adams. I’d personally be slightly insulted if you sent this to me you will definitely need to add more for the Kamara/Adams owner to even consider and then put on your best sales chat and talk them into it.

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yeah, i mean who knows. maybe the person really loves bell and ty. no harm in trying, but yes, you’re asking for the best player in the league and one of the best WR’s in the league for an injured WR with a lower ceiling than Adams, and a 7 week hold out who is a total mystery to everybody. if this trade is accepted, i don’t think ekeler will be the determining factor…but no harm in not trying it bc you definitely would not lose. and it’s a good time to try to get Kamara (there’s no other time i could imagine).

The true value of what you’re asking for, imo and just as a point of reference, is something in the neighborhood of Bell + K Hunt + Hopkins.

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Or like Bell + Conner + Green

damn…this trade would be vetoed before the proposal was sent in my league lol…if you can get it absolutely go after it.

This is good feedback. How about I change tactics and offer James Conner and Ekeler for Carols Hyde?