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Eric Decker a Titan?!


Wow, I hate this signing. Eric Decker does best when he is not the #1 receiver on the team. This signing indicates to me that Rishad Matthews is not who the Titans thought he would be and Corey Davis is not going to be ready to be the stud the Titans hope he will be.

In years when he could be the #2 (2012, 2013, 2015), he averaged 84 receptions for 1,126 yards and 12 touchdowns. When he was the number 1, averages were 59 receptions, 787 yards and 6.5 touchdowns.

Fairly significant difference if you ask me!

Anthony Knox


I don’t see Decker as the #1.

He’s a guy coming off major injury in his 30’s. He’s just a great value for the Titans, because if he works out that’s a crazy weapon they picked up on the cheap. It puts Davis as the #3 and takes some pressure off.

Rolling out Matthews, Davis, Decker, Walker, Murray, Henry and Mariota every week is a super high potential offense.


I have Decker in my dynasty league I started this year and to me it makes depth and receiver they need. I don’t personally see Decker as #1 also Walker has to be respected. I think this was the best landing spot possible for Decker to still have value as a fantasy player but think plays a bigger role in real football


I think this is a great fantasy spot for Decker. I can’t rule him out as being a productive number one based on 2011 with Tebow and 2014 with Geno Smith. Mariota should be a big upgrade over them plus the supporting cast is much better. His bounce back from injury is the biggest concern for me.

Non fantasy concerns the Titans should have is whether or not he is a good mentor/role-model for the young receivers on the team. Red carpet and modeling might send the wrong message and be distracting.


Let me first say that I really like Decker as a player. However, the Titans do not distribute a lot of targets.

This graph does not count the TE position which gets a lot of targets.

Decker also hovers in the 61%-64% catch rate. Assuming he gets that largest share of targets (debatable that he does), he is only looking at 65-70 receptions. Eric Decker has never broken 1000 yds with fewer than 80 receptions. He hovers at about 13 yds per catch so a good estimate would be something like 950 yard ceiling and a floor of 650-700.
No receiver for the Titans has had double digit TDs in the past 5 years. The closest was last year when Matthews had 9 (keep in mind he is still there).

I just think there are guys going around him with more potential.


The only positive this has for the Titans is that Mariota has a great red zone target, and defenses will not be able to cheat up on DeMarco Murray.

If Davis or Matthews do step up and take the #1 role, then I think Decker could be great. I feel like with young guys around him that he will be looked at as the #1 and Mariota will try and target him a lot.

If he were to play in the slot, then you could convince me to take him as my flex. Otherwise he’ll need to be my last pick, and I doubt he is on the board that long.

Anthony Knox


@hardknoxffb, he is generally going in the 10th. The UDK has him listed around guys like Taylor Gabriel, Rishard Matthews, and Breshad Parriman.


I’m not saying he can’t be great, but he’s always been someone who needs to a strong #1 on the team to be awesome.


I think you’re way off here, Mr. Knox. Matthews caught plenty of balls last year (65) as the only consistent wide receiver threat. I don’t think the Decker signing signals anything about Matthews/Davis; rather it signals that they wanted more depth at the position.

Their GM, Jon Robinson, has now given Mariota four solid targets a receiver in Davis, Matthews, Decker, Taylor. That’s an immense improvement, and Decker can play the Z position. While Decker is definitely better as a number two, I disagree that he’s not that in this case.

He just joined a team with other nice receivers defenses will have to pay attention to, a team with a great offensive line, and a quarterback that is emerging as a top guy. Love this for Decker and for the Titans who are immensely improved.