Eric Decker signed to Patriots - where do you rank him?

Hype hype hype. The #2 in a solid offense (at least til Edelman) gets back.

don’t think he really has any value when gronk hogan michel white and burkehead will have a lot of the targets, and does anyone know the email for listener league submissions?

Could be a decent play the first few weeks when Edelman is out. Decker has always been good in the redzone. I grabbed him in a dynasty league that I own Edelman in just to see what happens the first few games.

I think this depends on the health of Kenny Britt . Pat’s might just have taken Decker as insurance.

if Britt is healthy who do you think gets that spot?

Britt isn’t good. I like Decker on Pats. He’s an experienced vet who runs good routes and we all know how much Brady likes his route runners.

Having said that, would temper expectations a bit. Dude is 32 years old after all and coming late into an offense is never a good sign for production.

If he’s there late in my redraft league upcoming draft I’ll grab him and see how he looks early with Edelman out. If he is any good I’ll try and trade him unless situations change with the pats (injury etc) and he looks to get good targets for the season could be a steal. Equally I’m only taking him late as he could be no use for fantasy and I’ll drop him after week 2 who knows