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Eric Ebron or Evan Engram ROS?


Eric Ebron or Evan Engram ROS?


Replying just because I am curious as well to others thoughts on this.

I mean sure Doyle and Hilton are gone and even though they might come back this week Ebron is the red zone option on that team. Scoring touchdowns left and right this year.

Engram is coming back but during his explosion last year OBJ was hurt and they didn’t have Barkley so I don’t really know how I should feel about him this year. Oh and Eli is straight trash.


Frankly, I like engram a little more. He has a strong connection with Eli, as seen last season, and is a top 5 talent at TE imo. I like Ebron, but hilton and doyle will return sooner or later.

So therefore go engram