Ertz for Chubb? Trade Value

Half PPR, my Ertz for his Chubb

Is this a good trade? What value could I get for Ertz?

RB: Carson, D.Montgomery, Cohen, Coleman, M.Sanders
WR: Hopkins, Juju, Crowder, Gallup, Kirk
TE: Ertz, Waller

Personally I would say yes. Chubb has top 10 upside as an RB and is a workhorse back. Then Ertz is now having to split targets between a ton of different receivers on that Eagles offense. Especially having Waller who was on the field for 100% of the snaps this past week. He’ll do just fine this season.

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Yea, since you have Waller, I’m 100% in for this trade.

I’m only worried about the browns offensive line for Chubb and whether Waller will be a consistent play… I’m looking to upgrade at RB2 because I don’t trust Montgomery at this time

Yeah I understand the concern with the oline but even if they aren’t great he will get carries. The Titans have a really good defense. I know when you think Titans that doesn’t sound intimidating but they are actually a solid team when all of their pieces are there. I believe the Browns just have to mold together.

And then who else is there for the Raiders? It’s just him and Tyrell

Yeah if i had Waller (or Andrews) i would be looking to shop Ertz.

Is there any concern when hunt comes back?

Looking at your RBs this would be a good start for at least the first 10 weeks. I still think Chubb is great when Hunt gets back though

Yea u could be right

I don’t feel I could lean on Montgomery or sanders right now in my RB2 slot, but both could be really good by the time hunt comes back and (if) he takes carries away from Chubb

Meanwhile Chubb would help me shore up my RB in the short term

All this is assuming I can rely on Waller of course

I know what you mean. Maybe try and get a lil more with Chubb but I think it’s the way to go.