Ertz for IngramII

Need a real rb bad only have cmc, monty and burkhead also have andrews for TE
Ingram owner also has chubb,coleman,d.williams and is starting Fant at TE the last 2 weeks

This fair? giving to much to little? target one of the other rb?

Honestly I think I would rather have Coleman but tough to say. I am admittedly not very high on Ingram tho. Might be able to do better for Ertz or Andrews…

No one trades in this league unfortunately so working who I can basically but yeah i just feel like no one is buying ertz even though everyone needs the te bad. I might still offer for coleman then just a little early to believe hes taking the number 1 for ROS

I think him and Breida are both the number ones, but Coleman hasbeen getting the goal line work. And almost noone runs the ball as much and as creatively as San Fran.