Standard 10-team, what do you think of this trade?
I’d give: ertz, chubb and ito
I’d get: kelce, ekeler, freeman

Do i win this trade?
Chubb is my back up, i also have conner, gurley and cmc as rbs

If you like kelce more sure. I like freeman for playoff time.
Although chubb is nice for if leveon eventually cuts into connors touches.
I honeslty like ekeler more than ito also. Hes been scoring 10+ as a backup as it is.

So the RBs you’re getting are essentially useless outside of Gurley’s bye week to come and Conner’s potential downgrade after Bell comes back. Buck the ones you’re giving away are in the same boat so that’s a complete wash for your roster.

Kelce > Ertz imo, especially now with Tate there to soak up a lot of the short routes. So I would definitely do this with your given roster.

Yeah, i’d basically be giving ertz and chubb for kelce… and getting freeman would be nice in case he gets healty and becomes startable again.
Im trying to shop ertz because of the golden tate trade, i feel like it hurts at least some of his value with tate in the slot

Yes. With your roster I would make this trade.

I was counter offered
Ertz, mccaffrey
For kelce freeman ekeler
Of course im not doing it, but i can counter him again with
Ertz mccaffrey for
Julio jones and kelce
Or maaaaaybe kamara and kelce

Should i try it? Or just stay with cmc and ertz?
Im 6-2, 1st place rn
My wrs are davante adams, michael thomas and marvin jones

I don’t think anyone would take either of those. Kelce > Ertz, Julio > CMC and Kamara > CMC.

I guess it depends on his WR situation for the Julio offer, but that’s still asking a ton.

The guy has jj, evans and woods… i feel like evans would be more expensive than julio rn, and woods i dont know if i would benefit getting him for cmc