Ertz & Garcon Trade

I really want Zach Ertz on my team, is Jay Ajayi and Charles Clay a fair trade for Zach Ertz and Pierre Garcon?

My other RBs: Bell, Ajayi, Hunt, C.J. Anderson, and DJ
WRs: D. Thomas, M. Thomas, Diggs, and Maclin

any thoughts?

The trade depends upon the necessity of the other guy really. On the surface, without knowing the other persons team, I think the other guy would giving up too much TBH. Ajayi needs to tread softly with that bare-bone knee of his. Volume alone makes Ertz and Garcon more valuable.
I’m trying to get Ertz right now as well, dude is a stud TE.

He’s got Fournette, Lynch, Kelley, and Vereen so he’s kind of hurting at RB and has an abundance of WRs

I would say that is a solid trade. Clay is one of the better TE’s but not as good as Ertz. If he needs an RB then he might see Ajayi and want it.

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