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Ertz help?


Ertz is out
Need help
Trey and Brent are both available.
I picked up Ed Dickson but I’m concerned bc now I have cam Dickson and Stewart in the line up.
Should i grab trey burton instead


I think Dickson could be okay… I stick with that for now.

I also lost Ertz and Reed this week… not sure if I should drop Reed to pick up. I am 7-1 so maybe I can take the zero?


3-5 the only guys out of reach are division leaders. Def. Need a win here.
But I would say your ok.


I really didn’t need this Zack Ertz! Stressful lol


Ahhh I went and grabbed trey bc I’m panicking and I don’t want 3 panthers in the line up. Knowing my luck Dickson will get 16pts


I mean… Wentz has to throw it to someone! It’s probably Burton. Celek may get some looks. But the Broncos are not great against the TE


Yes! I agreee I trust wentz and the matchup more so then I do cam