Ertz, keelen cole trade?

Would you trade away ertz and keelan cole for golden tate and james conner? If you could get kittle to replace ertz. .5 ppr

RBs as of now
Royce freeman

WRs as of now
Keenan allen
robby anderson

I like the fact that you have 3 good WRs, yes I’m excluding Anderson. I definitely would be sweating with those RBs if I were you too however it’s only week two, and I don’t want to trade Cole. I think you’ve only just scratched the surface with Keelan Cole. However you do need to upgrade an RB spot. I also wouldn’t want to trade for James Conner right now. As a Steelers fan who owns him in all leagues, as I drafted him everywhere, I don’t like the locker room vibe right now. Steelers could quickly go from a high powered offense to a depressingly sluggish offense over night. I vote hang on to cole, try to look elsewhere for an RB.

Thanks for the insight. Anderson is close to being apart of dropsville. Conner scares me just because is bell does come back, then I traded ertz and cole for tate. Would you work an ertz trade for a dalvin cook or fournette? Fournette injury risk scares me to.


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So some news just broke and all that AB “trade me” stuff was blown way out of proportion. I’m now much more in on the Steelers and James Conner. In fact I believe Bell will get traded whenever he signs the tendor.

So looking at what you’ve provided your WRs are locked and loaded. Love it! It sounds like the Conner owner is hurting at TE which is why you’re considering selling Ertz to build up your RBs which are currently okay. Obviously you don’t feel good about Royce now, and you’re confused and probably bitter with Crowell.

I think Marshawn should continue to get 10+ in HPPR with low yardage but high TD upside. Kerryon could become relevant QUICK if the Lions continue to struggle.

Getting James Conner would be huge in my book but if I were you I wouldn’t give up Ertz for that. There’s always a chance Cole is boom or bust and not the future WR1 everyweek starter that I dream him to be. Love a good “undrafted” story. On that note, could you offer Cole and Anderson for Conner? You move Anderson in the back of Cole and you get Conner that’s not bad! If the Conner owner is hurting at TE, and you can pick up Kittle, try dropping someone you don’t need that isn’t a potential trade and snag kittle and offer Cole and Kittle to the Conner owner.

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