Ertz, Meredith, Abdullah <-> oj Howard, Brandon cooks, 2018 1st


Who you rollin with?

That’s actually kind of tough. How does the roster loom for the person giving up the pick? Chance of contending? I have a hard time valuing both Cooks and Meredith as individuals, but I’d definitely prefer Cooks over Meredith. I’d probably side with the more proven talent, but if I think that pick with be high, that makes it tempting. Next year’s draft class could be ridiculous.

The person giving up the pick is off to a very rough start, but I suspect will finish middle of the pack. Let’s call it the 1.05 in a 10-teamer.

Yea, give me the Cooks side, as long as you’re looking ok on RBs and aren’t counting in Abdulah (I hope that’s not the case anyway).

Same trade without the 1st round draft pick. Whatcha got?

Hmmm. That’s a lot tougher. I wouldn’t expect much from Howard in year 1. Cooks in NE is enticing, but not a known commodity by any stretch. I love the fit in paper, but who actually knows. I think Meredith is legit and Ertz is obviously one if the better TEs out there. Abdullah has huge upside and huge risk. I’d say it’s probably pretty even, and would let roster construction and outlook make the call for me.