Ertz/Mike Evans

Would you trade ertz and keelan cole for mike evans and josh gordon if you had kittle to replace ertz?

.5 ppr with 2 flex

WR would be
Keenan Allen
Mike Evans
Josh Gordon

If it’s me, I’d probably keep Ertz and Cole and try to trade Kittle (for Mike Evans). That seems like the safer higher floor play. Kittle has a lot of good signs but is unproven. Gordon has all kinds of question marks, although the move to the Patriots is an upgrade. Ertz is the real deal, and Keelan Cole has shown he has the talent and it looks like he’ll get the volume.

Even if I had no one to replace it, I’d still make that trade. I’d trade Ertz and Cole for Evans alone. Gordon is just the bonus.

This is an incredibly one sided traded. Take it and run.