Ertz on Bye - Should I Trade him away?

Footclan! Ertz is on Bye next week. I’m not sure I have anyone I can drop. Should I bite the bullet and drop someone? Or initiate a trade by sending Ertz to a team for a TE that’s already had his bye (Engram, Brate, etc)?

8 team, half PPR

QB: Watson and Dak
RB: Freeman, Hunt, McCoy, Kamara, Morris
WR: AJ Green, Baldwin, DT, Benjamin, Juju, and Parker
TE: Ertz

Don’t trade Ertz. He is worth about a 6 point advantage over an average (Barfy) tight end. I say you could live with cutting Morris (inside Hoe the Dallas backfield turns out) Parker (Miami offense is a mess) or even JuJu (not gonna start him over any of those other players)

Tough choice. To be honest I would trade Morris for a TE. I wouldn’t drop anyone on your team, and I wouldn’t let go of Ertz either lol. If Morris starts in place of Zeke, it will still be RBBC. I would wait a week though.

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@capesius15 @MikeSpain thanks guys. I just picked up Morris for $11 of faab, so I’d like to keep him for even just a week to see where this goes. My concern with my WRs is that one of them are consistent. Even Green has his ups and downs. Demaryius has been the definition of inconsistency.

Would it outrageous if I offered the Engram owner the following trade?

Engram, Crabtree for my Ertz, Demaryius

i think you would lose that trade. the only TEs i’d want more than Ertz are Gronk and maybe kelce. i would trade or drop parker or morris. you really dont need them in an 8 team league with those guys on your roster ahead of him.

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Absolutely. I’m not sure I’d be able to grab A decent TE for Parker and Morris. Haha I could potentially trade Morris straight up for Engram?

id do that if the other person accepts it

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What is available on the waivers? I think that has a lot to do with it. If you have the chance to grab a mid TE, I would look at dropping Parker rather than having to trade anyone else for a potential 2 point difference.

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Well, Graham was on waivers until this morning. I didn’t make the push to pick him up. ASJ and Davis are the best options right now. Ertzs Bye isn’t until next week, so there’s time to decide… but it would be nice to secure a backup sooner than later

I mean… ASJ is a decent option. I actually just picked him up yesterday as my replacement for Gronk on bye. Next week ASJ takes on TB. Not exactly the most intimidating defense. I don’t see an issue with dropping someone like Parker and ASJ. Even if it’s only a one week loan, and you are in love with Parker, he isn’t the biggest waiver target in the world and has a good chance of still being available next week to drop ASJ and pick him back up.

There’s no reason to think about this so early. I’m an Ertz owner as well and don’t want to drop anyone. My plan is to wait until the Sunday morning of the Eagles bye week and drop one of my backup WRs or RBs so that nobody can just pick them up that week. That way I have a chance to get that player back the following week and dump the one week TE filler.

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If this were my team, I’d do my best to package trade DT & Parker for… well, whatever I could get.

AJG & Baldwin are every-week ROS starters, who’ve already had their bye. Kelvin could have a (healthy) Sammy Watkins (in Buffalo) ROS, which would be valuable. And you’ve still got JuJu’s upside. Meanwhile, DT has Brock throwing him the ball, and Miami is a mess and Parker has been battling injury. So you don’t really need either of them. (Otherwise, I’d package Juju & Parker, taking advantage of what Schuster did last week, which was likely his best week of the season.)

But whatever you do, keep Ertz. He’s a better value than any of your WRs (that arean’t AJG or Baldwin). Think past Week 9.

Thanks Mr Butterface! Always good to get advice from you.

I like your thinking. Packaging a two for one, and then grabbing a backup TE off waivers. Would you pull this trade this week? Or wait next week when’s ertz is on Bye?

I’d float a variety of trades out there involving those two WRs (or a combo you’re happy with). See what the various teams that’re weak at WR are willing to bite at. Ideally it’s a 2-for-1… and not a TE, since you’d likely drop him after Ertz’s bye. And then, yep, just grab a TE off waivers for the week. That frees up a bench spot for streaming a D whenever a good matchup pops up between now and when you win your #FootclanTitle.

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Thanks! What do you think of Benjamin going forward? Will he remain as a WR2?

Oof. Tough one. I’d love to think so, but the history of Tyrod throwing more than a few yards downfield (ie. not McCoy & Clay) is a bit spotty.

Granted, that’s largely because Sammy was always injured, and he was pretty much his only good option for deeper plays. But I still would’ve liked to have seen an uptick in Jordan Matthews’ numbers since the bye to give me confidence in what Kelvin might do up there.

That all said, Kelvin is an enormous (he’s super tall) weapon that Buffalo would me insane not to give 6+ targets a game. If only to free up LeSean a bit more. If the baseline of WR2 is what we’re concerned about, I’d go with it. (Although it migth take a week or two for him to get on the same page as the rest of the offense.)

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it’s an 8 team league, why would you need 2 qbs? there has to backup options. drop dak, pick up a TE for the week, then pick dak back up or the next best QB.

there has to be a ton of talent on waivers in an 8 team.

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Good point. Brees and Cam are both on waivers, but that could change quickly. That could be an alternative for next week if I can’t get a trade going.