Ertz or Higbee?

12 team PPR, Ertz is available. Is he worth a pick up and hold?

Who do you prefer ROS?

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Bumping up, now we’ve seen Ertz for a game with AZ.

Against the Texans but still. View them the same, low floor PPR TEs or lean one over the other?

Higbee has the underlying numbers but he just isn’t doing more than 8/9 points a week.

I am in that same conundrum. It seems to me that Higbee’s target floor is much higher. Ertz will have to deal with The 4 WRs who all can score just as easily plus (Murray and Conner.)

If I had to make a decision RIGHT NOW Id probably stick with Higbee only for that fact that if Higbee got the TD and Ertz didn’t you are looking at them in the opposite view points. Although I am very scared that Watson is going to go to the Eagles and ruin my Jalen Hurts and I may have to end my hold sooner than I want and pick up Watson just in case.

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Yeah I feel like Higbee and his 8/9 points a week in PPR is fine, if he gets a TD great… if not I know what he is week to week.

Ertz could easily miss out on any week, probably has the same TD upside to be honest. Could have been a bit if new toy, let’s get him targets in his first game.

I can hold through Thursday and see to be fair, unless something breaks with Watson or another waiver pickup between now and then.

I feel like Ertz might have a higher ceiling, but there’s alot of options in arizona. I’d prefer Ertz

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