Ertz or Hunter?

Hey Ballers, you guys didn’t cover this question or touch on it in the shows this week, but I have Zach Ertz and Hunter Henry. Who do I play? Half-point PPR. They both have bad match-ups and Henry has been the better play the last two weeks, but it’s Zach Ertz. Do I really bench Ertz and start Henry? What would you guys do?

I go Hunter. Apparently the weather in Buffalo is pretty windy. This could be a low scoring game. I actually don’t mind hunters matchup because as of right now that Chicago D is lost. Keenan I believe is back and will get most of the attention so I can see hunter having a solid day.

I’m benching Ertz. Buffalo D and he hasn’t shown he is the go to tight end for his team this season. He may end up catching that TD to make you regret it but Hunter Henry has been electric. I’m riding the hot hand on this one.

Yeah I would go H. Henry too.

Definitely Hunter. Most TE targets over the last two weeks. Also the Bears defense hasn’t been the same without Hicks.