Ertz or Kelce ROS?

Who do you like better rest of season? I want to make one of these a trade target, but wondering which one I should go after.

I would prefer Kelce to get a piece of that Chiefs offense, but I’d target whichever one was cheaper

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Thanks. Any other opinions out there?

Ertz. Fits better in the offense it feels like. And he plays well with Wentz and Foles both. idk who KC’a backup even is but that would concern me if Mahomes had an injury, which I sadly see as likely sometime at least. He’s outside the pocket too much for a guy his Size. He’s gonna get lit up and is not as durable as Russell Wilson. needs to lift a bit more

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Also Ertz can be owned with goeddert if you have space and can feel safe knowing you have Ertz still, in essence, even if he gets hurt

So that’s 1 vote for Kelce and 1 vote for Ertz. Anyone else?

Are you suggesting the
Opinion of a complete stranger who is biased toward Ertz Bc he has him on his own team is not sufficient to convince you 100%?!

Haha! Problem is that there are 2 complete strangers with differing opinions. I need a 3rd complete stranger to sway me :slight_smile:

Lol. Word word. My lunatic-like rant probably discredited my opinion in your mind so maybe youll need 2 more still…

P.s. owning both would make you win your league. Either one will trade for AB level to the right team if not now then within 2 weeks. There’s Kelce, Ertz, and then 10 points later everyone else. Gronk is not safe anymore sadly.

3rd stranger here! I would lean Ertz but it is close. The shear target volume for Ertz gives him the edge to me and he arguably the most essential piece of that offense after Wentz. Getting a piece of the KC offense is nice but i personally prefer Ertz for consistency. Kelce has the massive ceiling sure but Ertz doesn’t ever disappear from the game play and is first read enough of the time.

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Very good points by @James89 . Ertz Target share is hilarious. He has had no less than 11 is all but one game, which was 9. He doesn’t find the end zone or get as many targets there as Kelce though, I must admit.

Numbers for my point:
Ertz - Total Targets 78, Receptions 57, Yards 618, RedZone Targets 13, TDs 2, Reception % 73%
Kelce - Total Targets 60, Receptions 38, Yards 563, RedZone Targets 10, TDs 3, Reception % 63%

Ertz points so far - PPR 130.8 TE1, Half PPR 102.3 TE1, Standard 73.8 TE2 - (Avg Targets Per Game: 11.1)
Kelce points so far - PPR 112.3 TE2, Half PPR 93.3 TE2, Standard 74.3 TE1 - (Avg Targets Per Game: 8.5)

If the trends continue especially in full or half PPR there is a decent chance Ertz is the TE1 this year. Even in standard which is what i play it will be very close. As you can see Ertz is pretty far ahead in targets and receptions than Kelce and the rest of the pack is even further away when you look at Ebron’s numbers who is the TE3 across all formats and on the decline if Doyle is back soon. Kelce and the KC offense share is the sexy pick but the numbers don’t lie and Ertz will probably be cheaper to boot!