Ertz or kelce?

I’m being offered ertz for kelce in a standard redraft league. I like ertz role in the offense but kelce has big play and target potential but with a rookie qb. What would you guys do?

I’m higher on Ertz this year, he’d be my pick.

I’m also higher on Ertz this year. Fewer cooks in the Eagles’ kitchen and a known commodity at QB

Ertz is starting off with a very injured team early on where he’s possibly the only passing target, Kelce is on a team with a rookie that tends to either throw deep or fin this tight end. Kelce also has the speed to be a big target down field.

Toss up. Kelce is way more fun to watch though. He is a brawler and Reid does some interesting things with him. Couple of gadget plays with him running ball last year. Wish Reid would do it more often because he was plowing through defenders. Then those deep strikes and the YAC.

I have Ertz this season and believe he will be better. Kelce has a new QB and OC.