Ertz to the bench

I’ve been flexing Ertz with Waller as my TE…should I just bench Ertz and see if things turn around or maybe trade Waller and hope for Ertz to get better?
WRs: JuJu, Kirk, D Jackson, AJ Brown, R Anderson, R Woods
RBs: C Carson, T Johnson (thanks Detroit) , D Montgomery, M Sanders
we have 3 wrs, 2 rbs and one flex.
currently 6-2, received Ertz in a trade a few weeks ago but haven’t gotten much out of him

So I have Ertz and I traded Waller a few weeks ago to get Allen Robinson. I regret it and wish I had traded Ertz for Robinson instead lol. I think keep Waller, he’s passed his bye already. Move Ertz

Im benching Ertz if I were you. Wait to see if a couple weeks with desean Jackson back changes anything.

I think you could trade Ertz to a team that needs a TE. If you keep Ertz and Waller that’s a big waste. You could get something for one of those guys

i think Ertz is probably a hard sell right now. He is averaging like .2 pts more than waiver options and you have Herndon coming back.

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