Ertz trade cost-dynasty league

Ertz is on the trade table. 10 team PPR league. My team is projected for mid pack
Finish. I have two first round picks in 2020 and 2021. If I offer a first round pick in 2020, do I need to offer anything further in terms of players(wr2 or a rb 2.

Always start out low. You can work your way up. Dont want to send a 1st plus a player for ertz. when they would have accepted a 1st only. What I would try would be a 2nd plus a player. 2020 1st round is going to be stud loaded

I know in our league, a draft pick alone will not come close to getting one of the top 3 TE’s. Especially in lower team leagues (10 teams) the TE’s become more valuable. I’d be more than fine offering a first round and a WR2 or RB2 for Ertz. I doubt the owner would accept even that. I do agree it’s always better to start low and get the talks going though.

I appreciate advice from both of my footballers.


Ertz just went in my league for Mike Evans . If that helps you gauge the player value. Unless you have a high pick and a person thinks they are going to strike it rich then I would not think a draft pick is enough.

I traded OJ Howard + Sutton for Ertz and Edelman (12 team/half ppr/40man roater/dynasty)… He bet on the future, i bet for the next 2 seasons (i’ll struggle a little bit in 2021 and 2022…i think…:sweat_smile:)

Always focus on winning now*, trades can make up for later plus you never know what will happen to any player at any time…or what they might do off the field. Kareem Hunt is a good example.

*disclaimer: obviously don’t over pay.

Footclan, appreciate all of the comments. Will let you know whether the trade works out or not.

The Ertz owner finally came back asking for 1st round pick in 2020 plus carson. Currently, I have Gordon, carson as starters with Michel and Eckler as flex spots. Have almost zero bench RBs (Ito Smith,Petersen, Gore, M. Brown, and Booker.) I have several WRs which might be used in the flex position (Harry, Humphises, and Stills). Seahawks have indicated they want to run the ball more than pass it. I am concerned that losing Carson will weaken my team.

My current TE is Waller who qualifies as a TE or WR . Oakland has indicated that the TE will be targeted in 2019.

Need help from my Footclan buddies.

Do it, Ertz is a massive positional advantage especially in ppr, you can piece together running backs (older ones) in other trades. Carson runs like a mad man, will probably get injured not to mention seahawks will not want to waste Penny’s draft capital, even if Carson is slightly better. They have no loyalty to the 7th round pick on a rookie contract.

Try to target a James White. People treat him like he is 40 and on his way out when he is actually a 27 year old cheat code who plays for Tom Brady.

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