Ertz with a Concussion

So it looks like Ertz got a concussion and he is currently my only tight end. I had a bye this week but looks like I will be needing a tight end for next week. I can pick up Kroft off of the waivers right now without needing any priority since the Bengals play tonight. Is this a good idea? Other notable TE’s would be Brate and ASJ but I would have to wait until Wednesday for the waivers to go through. Thanks in advance.

Even though I like Kroft a lot, but Winston loves Brate and that’s who I think I would target personally. ASJ has a fantastic matchup next week against Den though so it’s a tough choice. I just figure that TB will be behind because their def is awful and having to pass a lot

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It would depend on the specific waiver and roster limitations but i would :
Pick up Kroft now
Attempt to get Brate on waivers Tues night (this may give you an extra update on Ertz status as well)

If Ertz is out, look for Trey Burton to fill in. He’s been productive when Ertz was out. Or I would go with Cam Brate because he has great numbers when JW is under center.