ESPN 10-12 Team PPR League

Looking to start a simple re-draft league. No buy in. Just good ole friendly competetion. It will be through ESPN and I was thinking to put the draft on September 2nd at 10pm EST. It is up for change though depending on the group. Here are the basics:

10-12 Teams (depending on response)
Half PPR
QB - 1
RB - 2
WR - 2
TE - 1
Flex - 2
D/ST - 1

Bench - 7

We will use Group Me for a chat app. Drop your email below if interested



Hey if it’s free I’m interested:
And I got another guy

Is it free or fee?

Hey! I’m interested as well if it is free:

I am interested.

Hey I am definitely interested, especially if there is a buy in! Email-

yes. no buy in I’m interested, buy in or not

Interesting! Buy in or not. Email -

Interested! Please send info to:

I have sent the invites and there are 3 spots left

I’m in if it is still open.

I’ll play.

Hold up, thought this was Monday, I’m already in a draft Sunday night, sorry can’t play.

I am definitely interested if there are still any available spots

sent an invite to you

Is there still room?

there might be send me your email and let me check

@kiarashahmadi So sorry man, I joined (team henson) but I need to bow out, unfortunately