ESPN 10th Pos: Who's better?

12 team league, full PPR scoring. Who is the better choice for each round? I had a thread similar to this but now that I’m mocking with ESPN rankings things are a bit different especially with recent injuries. A DST & K are required so I cannot stream.
Here are rankings for reference: ESPN PPR Top 300

1.10 - OBJ vs JJ vs Gordon vs Hunt (OBJ, Gordon, Hunt all have a chance of being gone here)

2.3 - Allen vs MT

3.10 - Ertz vs Hill vs ARob vs D.Thomas (I pick Ertz here 100% of the time if available)

4.3 - Cooper vs Drake vs Landry (Slight chance ARob & DT make a surprise visit here).

5.10 - Miller vs Crabtree (Lynch, Ajayi, Penny usually get taken slightly before my pick and Miller is here 50% of the time)

6.3 - Lewis vs Watkins vs Hogan vs Burkhead vs Chris Thompson

7.10 - Robby Anderson vs Goodwin vs Reed vs Coleman vs Kerryon

8.3 - Michel vs Cohen vs Mack vs Shepard

9.10 - Bernard vs Godwin vs Jamaal Williams

10.3 to 12.3 - Stafford/ Rivers/ Ryan, upside guys or a flier TE like NJoku/ Brate/ Howard/ Eifert/ ASJ.
Rest of draft is dart throw guys.

Then my last two picks are DST & K.

I usually end up going with WR/ WR at the beginning and with that these are the guys I look for in the later rounds for high upside RBs: Burkhead, Miller, Ajayi, Michel, Drake, Lewis, Penny, J.Williams, Lynch, L. Murray

Then for late round fliers: Godwin, Aaron Jones, Barber, Mike Williams, Ross, Bernard, Meredith, Wilkins, Clement, Kirk

1.10 I’d go melvin, OBJ, hunt, JJ In that order
2.3 I’d go MT if i took Melvin. If i took anyone else I’d go Keenan allen over MT but honestly your splitting hairs… Love both of them this year.
3.10 not big on taking TE early but ertz here is fine. I don’t love any of the other picks really as i always wait on QB as well… So not sure best pick here… But if you love ertz go with it.

4.3 i would take A ROD. If he is here… Too good of value… But i bet he is gone. I love Cooper this year. So I’d take him

5.10 i like Miller with foreman not looking ready for awhile and you need some more RBs

6.3 burkhead, lewis and Watkins is how i would rank them in this round

7.10 if i took an RB in round 5 and 6 i prob take Goodwin here… If not i take kerryon

8.3. Take kerryon if he fell here if not i like Shepard or Cohen

9.10 like Goodwin and Williams here whatever position you need more of

10.3-12.3 love Stafford, Ryan and rivers in that order if I don’t have a QB. Just be careful of the gordon, allen, rivers stack i don’t want all 3 of the chargers. 2 is fine but not all 3.

Flyers I like njoku and maybe take a shot on Ingram if someone doesn’t take him earlier. Also look at drafting dez if your league allows as he might land somewhere good.

Good luck

1.10 - OBJ > JJ > Gordon
2.3 - MT if you get JJ or Gordon, Allen if you get OBJ
3.10 - Ertz > Arob
4.3 - Cooper if you get Gordon / MT, Landry elsewhere.
5.10 - Miller
6.3 - Burkhead / Thompson both fine
7.10 - Coleman > Kerryon > Goodwin > Anderson
8.3 - Michel
9.10 - Williams > Bernard > Godwin
10.3 - Stafford

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A Rodgers is ranked 58th in ESPN and usually goes in the 5th round.
& I was wondering why people were drafting Dez…would he really be that productive for whatever team he lands on? I’m usually on the lookout for Ingram/ Jones.

No prob not… But that’s why he is called a flyer…

I always draft 2-3 guys who I’m willing to sit on for a few weeks and then drop if they don’t pan out.

So dez is a guy I like to take late in drafts sometimes… But not someone that is a must draft for me if there are other flyers still on the board I like

I guess I was more confused about him because when I draft I see him going in the 7th or 8th rounds.

Ahhh gotcha… See your drafts have been different than mine… He is usually undrafted or goes in the last 4 rounds… So NO I would not take him in the 7/8 round at all… There are tons of other players in those rounds and rounds after id love to have.

Just like above… I’d take Anderson, coleman, Goodwin, kerryon, Cohen, Shepard in the 7/8/9 rounds over DEZ

Thanks for the input guys, just did a draft and I think I’m feeling pretty good about it.

In Order:

1.10- OBJ
2.3- Julio
3.10 - A Robinson
4.3 - Cooper
5.10 - Miller
6.3 - Ingram (over Lynch)
7.10 - Thompson (could’ve went Michel too)
8.3 - Watkins
9.10 - Bernard
10.3 - NJoku (other TE was Doyle)
11.10 - Rivers
12.3 - John Ross
13.10 - Peyton Barber
14.3 - Christian Kirk
15 & 16 - DST & K

I actually did a couple of drafts before this post and as of now I consistently get as my opener:

OBJ, Julio, A Rob, Cooper OR
OBJ, Julio, Ertz, Landry/ Cooper

Not bad. This is absolutely the dream opening when I go Zero RB strat. Personally, I would have taken Michel over Thompson.

Watkins at 8.3 is ridiculous value.

Fine with Njoku. Rivers is money as always. I probably would’ve try to see what else was available in the place of Ross and Kirk. I.e. might have taken like a John Kelly over kirk. And maybe like a Wilkins over Ross. And potentially a J Williams over bernard.

And then would not have selected a DST or a K.

OBJ/JJ though is such a juicy open. I am trying to make a trade down from 1.04 to 1.10 spot in my home league right now and if I can somehow get OBJ/JJ, that would be the the dream for me. Unfortunately, I’m commish of that league so I try to share all the resources like Ballers/FantasyPros and anything else I find with the rest of the league so doubt I can get that much value. Maybe I’ll get lucky though.

When your team booms, going to be very hard to beat.

Talking with the people in the draft chatrooms, alot tend to think that the QB change in KC will not bring alot of production to Hill/ Watkins so these picks sometimes linger.

Williams went right before my pick or I definitely would’ve taken him!

I didn’t watch much of the preseason Bengals game but I just checked out all of John Ross’ targets from it and I am kinda disappointed. I was thinking he would return to decent form but I guess it’s hard to judge on his first game back.

I think with everyone reaching for RBs in the beginning you’ll definitely get a nice pairing in the first 2 rounds. Couple times I’ve even had Hopkins fall to me and then get OBJ in the 2nd round because the drafters were scared of “injury”.

& honestly even if it doesn’t boom big theres the waiver wire & trades with some of the depth I have if it comes down to it.

Interesting. My house league is usually more keen than that as I mentioned so doubt it happens. But if I’m at 1.10 and both hopkins and OBJ fall to me, I’m taking OBj personally. I have him ranked above Hopkins.

I struggle to pick between the two for PPR.

OBJ’s Talent vs DH’s target share.
Then I think about Manning vs Watson.

OBJ and DH are both talented. Both will have great market share as well. OBJ has just done it for longer and I think he is a far more talented WR than hopkins in terms of his ability to take shorter passes the distance whereas Hopkins is more of a possession receiver. Doesn’t have the breakaway/big play ability.

Speaking of which, just got OBJ at 1.04 in a dynasty startup. So happy right now.

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Sadly enough, ESPN updated rankings and now Julio is ranked #8 instead of #15 so the dream of my OBJ/ JJ opener is now diminished but more than fine going JJ/ OBJ into MT/ Allen/ Gordon.

OBJ/MT or OBJ/Allen opens are more than fine.