ESPN 12 Team .5 ppr Dynasty League Start-Up $10 Buy-In League Safe [5 SPOTS LEFT]

Looking for active owners email me at or reply your email for a lot more details. I’ll be the commissioner but all rules will be voted on and we’ll come to agreements through polls and things like that. I’m also looking to have 1-2 more owners help me commish, like a vice president type of thing.

Update: New Rules-

Core Draft: Only veterans can be drafted, 20 rounds, draft pick trading on, can also trade picks for the rookie draft. Two minutes per pick.

Rookie Draft: Will be held a few days after the core draft, 10 rounds, picks can still be traded, 6 hours per pick? Let me know what you think. Rookies may be sent to taxi squad if wanted. All players not taken in the core draft may also be selected here but are not eligible for the taxi squad.

Taxi Squad: A farm league or practice squad if you will. These players can’t participate in games unless brought up from the taxi squad. Only rookies can be sent here and only if you’d like them to. This is a separate pool of players not taking up your roster spots. These players are untouchable by other teams but can be traded. These players can be on the taxi squad for as long as you want until brought up but once a player is brought up from your taxi squad they can never go back.

FAAB System: Everyone will get a set amount of money that we’ll come to an agreement on later on. After all the drafts you might still have open spots and there will be a blind bidding war a few weeks after the draft getting closer to the actual NFL season. Money replenishes every April 1st after most real NFL transactions are made. Week 17-March 1st trading and waivers are closed.

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Quick question with this being on ESPN, how do you plan on setting a taxi squad position with ESPN because they don’t allow you to designate a taxi position? Also can you customize the draft board so we can trade draft picks?

I’ll have a poll to see if the league would like their taxi squad on either their regular team but just not be able play them, or if they would like to just claim them and keep them on the waivers screen but off limits from other teams, something we would have to keep track of.

Will we be able to trade draft picks?

Yes we will