ESPN $25 8 Team League, Need 1

Had a guy dropout this year of my ESPN league. 8 team league (going since 2011) 17 man rosters:

(1) QB
(2) RB
(1) RB/WR
(2) WR
(1) TE
(1) FLEX
(1) DST

Some bonus scoring is included which makes some players blow up each week, which is fun. Winner take all pot with $20 of buy-in going towards it, $5 of buy-in goes to a side pot that is paid out every other week or so as a prize for certain challenges that are announced prior to waivers (lowest kicker points in a week, most QB points, biggest defeat, biggest domination, etc.)

The draft is Saturday 24th @ 9 EST. Solid league with casual but active players. Drop me your email for an invite, only 1 spot available!

I’m game!
Send me the details!

invite sent!

Says your email isn’t working…here’s the link! Join up if you’d like or if someone else wants it first:

I’m in! Thanks for that!

Welcome to the league!