ESPN FAAB setting Q: "Continuous?"

Hey guys, on ESPN the FAAB (Continuous) feels like the right choice for me … in order to acquire a free agent, owners must place a bid. Minimum bid: $0.

The other FAAB option has a waiver period, so any players not picked up via bid default to the old waiver system (no thanks).

Here’s my Question: How many times should bids be processed in a week? I assumed once or twice, but the ESPN default is every day except Tuesday.

What is the best set up? What are the pros/ cons of multiple days?
What is the Baller’s Preferred Method?

Everyday except Tuesday is what the ballers like and we like in our league, This allows owners to have an even shot at picking up players everyday, people do have other commitments unfortunately lol. This will allow players to be picked up on the weekend and Monday if needed, Also, if you have good league mates then instant trades is also a great idea to look into. Everyday at 10am local time is how ours run through except on Tuesdays. Gives everyone a fair shot at keeping up with news and making moves.

@Deolaw What do you do about the owners who realize they can’t even start a full lineup at 12:45pm on a Sunday? Are they just SOL?

I agree with @Deolaw on this. Everyday except Tuesday is the way to go.

For example, my home league is made up of 4 or 5 people that have desk jobs, 2 or 3 that have serving jobs, and a bunch of other random jobs (vet tech, cop, etc). If a player goes down with an injury at 10:30AM and the updates come out, it would really be unfair to the guy stuck in surgery (vet tech) that he couldn’t snag the player because of that. This way, everyone has a fair chance to get the same player and increases the importance of monitoring your FAAB.

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a bit late but yup SOL. Owners should be prepared for those situation if they arise and the bench should be large enough to account for the possibility.

It is really a bummer there is no option for continuous FAAB with a free add drop on Sunday only…anyone know of a platform that allows this?