ESPN fantasy football can't view league

Anyone know why the leagues aren’t viewable? I’m assuming it’s a temporary thing until after the draft maybe?

Same thing happened last year I recall. Now it says to email your owner and tell them it’s ready to be re-activated.

This year I’m taking snapshots at the end of the season of all teams and info. This is my second year playing, went from worst to first. Much of that was understanding other teams and building mock situations with their keepers, knowing how much they could wage. Big time advantage starting on that early.

Saw the same thing, I’m commish though so I was able to re-active the league and now I can view it.

Ping your commish to activate it.

Thanks, I’m the commish but didn’t see the option to reactivate until today. thanks all!

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I use an Excel sheet to track my ESPN keeper league, I do a sheet after the draft and one at the end of the season rosters. We keep players based on draft position so this helps me mock the draft and possible keeps for all the teams.