ESPN Free Agent Auction Bid Priority Issue (BALLERS ASSEMBLE!)

Hey Ballers.

I just got off the phone with ESPN dealing with an issue they have when trying to prioritize your free agent auction bids.

Currently, ESPNs system DOES NOT allow you to prioritize your bids based on who you want the most, unless the bids are of the same value. Any other bids are prioritized from highest to lowest, and right now there is no way around that.

Please join me in getting at ESPN by calling, tweeting, e-mailing, anything to get them to fix this issue with their system asap, because quite honestly that’s a massive oversight.

Team A bids 5 dollars on Player 1 and 10 dollars on Player 2.
Player 2 will always be the higher add priority even if Team A wants Player 1 more, and is only bidding on Player 2 in case they are outbid for Player 1.

interesting. i understand the issue (espn making you over pay for lesser valued players to prioritize them), but not sure its a huge deal. why not just bid the same amount so you can prioritize them, or bid more on the one you want to get more, because if you bid 5 on player 1, and you get him, you will be out 5 dollars. if you dont get him and instead you get player 2, you will be out 10 dollars, not have the player you wanted. why not just be out 10 dollars and have the player you wanted instead??

The values are an example to explain the situation, not a real life case.

Let me post a real life situation so you can understand.
Eddie Lacy and Latavius Murray.

You’d rather Lacy than Murray cause Lacy will be much cheaper. So you bid 10 for Lacy, but just incase you get outbid, you still need an RB so you bid 35 for Murray.

The system will put Murray at 35 as your #1 priority, even tho you only want Murray if you don’t get Lacy.

Do you understand now?

I understood the first time. If you think that you need a contingency plan then bid higher…