ESPN Free Agent Auction Bidding (Continuous)

H E L P !!! Has anyone experienced this. I changed my League from “Waivers” to “Free Agent Auction (Continuous)”. Before is was $200 FAAB for waivers. After Wed. at 4:30am, the players became Free Agents and could be picked up anytime before game time. If they were dropped then there was a 1 day waiting period.
I changed it so that it was “continuous”. My understanding is you pick the days and a time, and that is when the waiver process is and then it is closed until the next day. My guys want it back to the way it was. ESPN said I “Can Not” go back. I would have to create a new league. “Really”!!! Is this possible. I read no disclaimer that once I took the Blue pill it was over.


Never mind. Figured it out. Reset League. You have to change it before entering in your Live draft results.