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ESPN glitch or cheating commissioner?


I’m playing against the commissioner of our league for 1st place. Melvin Gordon was locked into his line up as of kick off in the London game this morning. Shortly before afternoon kick off (7 hours later) AP was in his RB slot and Gordon was on the bench. I sent him a polite email asking about it and he swears he made the switch last night. It’s a friend league but winner gets a big chunk of cash. Has any one ever seen a glitch like this on ESPN before?




The roster locks and cannot be changed even before kickoff at a certain time. There is no changing it or glitches after that unless your the commissioner and have the edit roster tool


I second this; ditch the league and join a footclan one next year, or maybe I can ask my comish if you can’t take on a team in our league lol we got a guy who doesn’t play and gives every one free wins, you’d be 0-6 but at least maybe you’d have fun


Why Did he change it last night ? It wasn’t announced Melvin Gordon would be out until this morning ?! Cheater , Cheater,


Uhhhg I know its super lame. I probably won’t drop out. I’ve been in this league for 5 years and now am even more motivated to play with class and continue to dominate. Thanks for the responses and support guys lol. I would love to get down on more foot clan leagues.


I would totally be down to take that team over!


Lol. You caught him red handed. And it could’ve had a resolution that worked for everybody, but this dude changed it and cheated, and THEN lied to your face abouT it.

DQ or kick him out. All the way. He cheats


I can’t believe that there isn’t someway ESPN could check on this. Maybe not. BUT…doesn’t it make sense that they should be able to check their records? If I’m not mistaken, I could almost swear that I’ve seen somewhere on there in the past (my league is through ESPN as well) that ESPN has the authority to monitor suspicious activity. Now whether they would or not is another question.


Haha yeah dude exactly. I looked around for records of changes and there was zip on my end. I thought about sending an email but i figured there are way to many users and not enough ESPN peeps to respond. It’s a close score we’re projected about the same total. Im now deciding whether to go for the win or bench my 3 remaining players in protest. I’m currently 5-1 and second leading point scorer behind the commissioner.


Im not sure about your Mobile app… but on my PC you can Go to your “My Team” Page
Hit the more tab and select Transaction log

Then on the far left drop box select LM actions

If he did use his Commish powers to swap players it should show up in this menu… It will be logged in the system


THERE YA GO!!! I figured there would have to be some way to track this!!! Great job for pointing that out @Dingus.


No one f*cks with the Footclan baby!!! lol… We all in this together


OK…now I have to wonder…and in no way trying to cause problems, BUT…if he DID use his Commish authority to pull this one, how many other little “tricks” has he possibly pulled?? And again…….not trying to stir shit up, BUT…hmmm…


Dude thank you guys it works perfectly I just got my proof.


"F"ing COOL!!! :rofl:


You’ve got bigger problems now. You’re playing in a league where the commissioner is a cheater and there is money involved. I’m commish in my friends/poker league at home and if I ever tried to pull some bonehead move like that, there would be mutiny and I’d probably lose my knees. Nothing worse than cheaters.


Not to sound noisy but Im super interested in this situation now and how it turns out… Post a screen shot of the LM Actions… I just wanna see if i was right lol



440 PM?!

That’s not even close to this AM’s game. He waited that long to change it?