ESPN IR Question

Will Kareem become IR eligible or does he need to be on a team?

I have him in dynasty and would like to drop him down to IR but he is not currently eligible.

He is an nfl free agent.
So look at Rawls for example. not IR eligible.
so no he will not be. Dynasty wise i do not know what i would do.

for dynasty I would hold on to him for now, don’t know how the situation will play out yet

thanks guys, I think he will be picked up by another team, pending today’s meeting.

Minimum would be 6 games (I expect more), but let’s just pretend that it is only 6. A team would want to pick him up now and have him serve those games this season. I would guess that once he is added to an NFL roster he will be IR eligible.

I say all this with the smallest bit of confidence, Goodell is inconsistent and who knows how he is going to handle this one.