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ESPN Keeper Leagues Help

Hey FootClan,

For years I have been using ESPN as my host site for fantasy football for a homeleague. We have tried other sites, but also come back to the basics for this league.
The issue I am having is with Keepers. It is a keeper league and upon setting a player as a keeper on ESPN it automatically will start removing your 1st round pick, then 2nd and so on.
Is there any way to change this? Suggestions?

Because ESPN is butt with regards to the draft/keepers I use Sleeper (formerly SleeperBot). It allows you to select the round and pick and apply a player easily. Also allows for a slow draft if necessary. I then manually import the draft results into ESPN.

You could also use FleaFlicker to do the same.

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Thanks! I have been using Sleeper quite a bit, so I think that is what I’ll have to do. A bit of a pain to have all the league owners log into two different accounts…oh well.
Wish ESPN would actually update something.


I had the same issue. The only way i could fix was that all teams need to have the same amount of keepers (all 18 or 20 whatever that number). Also if trades are done they need to be equal 2for2 1for1 etc. In my case i add to new bench spots each year. So before draft all teams most have equal number of players selected as keepers, then draft starts the app assigns all the players to their respective teams and the last 2 rounds are for the new spots