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ESPN League! Ballers preferred format


Looking to fill a 10 person league on ESPN.
Random Snake draft, planned for September 4th
Half point PPR
1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 Flex

Reply with your email if you are interested! Looking forward to another fun year!


Is your league filling up?


We still have room for a few more people. You interested?

If you know anyone who wants into the league let me know!





I would love to join your league…please let me know. Thank you…


We have room for you! What’s your email address?


Great, thanks a lot! adrianlizarraga17@yahoo.com


Would like to join? How much? Dmdicorpo@gmail.com


If you still have room, count me in. ryanrathe@gmail.com


I’m interested. Sweenejp@yahoo.com


Very interested. ginnyann3595@aol.com


interested if available