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Espn start up


Hey guys,

So I’m looking to start a dynasty league on ESPN but don’t know how to set it up. Do you just set it up as a normal league and it just lets your team roll in to next season? I’ve never seen “dynasty/keeper” when trying to start a league on espn before so not sure how to go about it. Any and all advice on starting a keeper league would also be welcome.

Lastly, I only have about 5 friends in right now, myself included makes 6. In search of 6 more to fill out the remaining spots. If interested, message below. Or, email me at tylerthrift18@gmail.com



Any help on the rules would help. How to set up rosters if the goal is to let rosters expand in the offseason then be narrowed down by the regular season, stuff like that.

Appreciate any and all help! Thanks everyone.


Yes, you just create a normal league and put the keeper number to however large you want your rosters to be. The one problem you are going to have is tracking off-season trades if you are going to allow it, ESPN closes their site to changes during the off-season but The #fantasy-article-podcast-talk have a sheet to help in tracking these kind of moves. If your league gets more serious it may be worth chipping in the extra money and starting a league on the My Fantasy League site.