Espn Taysom Hill starting at TE

So news just broke that he took all the starter reps and is expected to start at qb

Who do I drop to try and get in on this potential qb points in my TE spot

My team and bench
Herbert, Jackson
Jones, Davis, Gio, Drake, Harris
Fuler, Claypool, Crowder, Chark
Hooper, Hurst

I dont like rostering 3 te but for 1 week to see how this plays do you drop hooper or hurst maybe harris?

its a 10man fairly competitive so who ever I drop will be at the top of the waivers I have to basically win out to get into the playoffs so I know this is my swing for the fences play

Hooper probably one you’re least likely to be devastated at losing I think.

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I just saw Godert is still out there too so maybe either hurst or hooper dont get snagged. I think you may be right though Im gonna drop hooper for my shot at the big play not like either of those are breaking out in any games so far