ESPN - Tie Breaker - Opinion

We have a tiebreaker that is causing an issue in our league. Our point-scoring is to the Tenth and not to the Hundereth on ESPN, PPR (QB 1 point per 25 yards). Team A and B tied to the tenth, however, Team A won because their quarterback had a hundredth point more than Team B. In the past, our league broke tie-breakers by combined RB scores but ESPN settings now show none, which is causing another issue. Additionally, Team B text the league 15 minutes after kickoff asking for a vote if he could add his Defense to his line up. Team B said he picked up a Defense 15 minutes before kick-off but failed/process error and didn’t start that team, of course, if the league said yes to adding the defense, then Team B wins.

I know this long but huge issue for our league and would love to hear your opinion on helping us out.