Espn trade/waiver settings?

Anyone know how it works when you have a trade accepted but it has a wait period for vetos. It goes through tomorrow but if from some dumb reason it gets vetoed i want to drop one of the trade players to make a claim but idk how it runs orders for that i dont wanna mess up the trade if it does go through

Anyone ever deal with something like that?

I think if a player is part of the trade then it should show up as “locked” and you shouldn’t be able to drop or do anything with them, but i don’t think it should affect any of your other players abilities to add/drop? Not sure as i don’t think i’ve had this issue, or at least never noticed it. I’ve deff added and dropped players pending a trade though

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Oh yeah i hadnt actually tried, it does say locked when i try to select them trying to make a claim but also does the 1 day review count as 24 hours or until the next day at like 3 am when waivers run?

Also that makes adding the player impossible because id want to drop one of those guys in the trade for him so thats disappointing

You can always ask all the people in the league if they agree with the trade and if it’s a yes the. The commish can push it through.