Established Dynasty League looking for manager for orphan team

7 year dynasty league lost an owner this year. Well run and active league. 12 Team PPR with superflex and IDP. If interested send me your email and I can get you the league bylaws. Will get to play first two years at half price both seasons during the rebuild.

Has anyone picked this team up yet? I might be interested.

@kscpsu1 I’d be interested in seeing what the team looks like as well as the bylaws!

Hi! Attached is our league bylaws as well as a screen shot of the available team. Typical annual buy-in is $60, but you would only pay half price for first two seasons ($30 per season for 2018 and 2019.) Looking for someone that wants in the league for the long run. We also have a Facebook page for communicating during the season and throughout the off-season. The league bylaws pretty much sums up how the league is setup and covers all details. We use the site MFL for hosting our league as it is specifically setup for the Dynasty format.

Here is a sample of some of the current Free agents available in the league as well. I plan on allowing you and one other franchise a free agent pickup day as our newest members so you have a chance to retool a little bit before we have the league rookie draft in July.

I have a few people interested in the team, so the first person that replies that they want it will get in.


STill available. If you give me your email, I can send you bylaws and team list

Looking forward to seeing it!

Shoot me an email when you can. Thanks!

I would like to have a look as well