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Established MFL Dynasty League Looking for 3 new Managers



This will be the Fooz Ball Leagues 7th season! We have a highly dedicated core of 9 managers that are extremely active and we have a lot of fun playing Dynasty FF. We migrated the league to MFl in 2016 from Yahoo because we wanted to expand our rosters and play year-round. We are looking for 3 new managers to join and play for years to come.
The three available franchises are: The Oldheads, Trash Heap, and Jonesing for Bush. All the players on those rosters as well as any current free agents (minus 2017 Rookies) will be available for a 25 round startup draft to begin your rosters. The 2017 full league rookie (and remaining free agent) draft is scheduled for Saturday July 29. Draft positions for the available franchises in the draft are as follows:

1.02, 1.05, 1.08

2.05, 2.08

3.02, 3.05, 3.08, 3.11

4.02, 4.05, 4.08

5.02, 5.05, 5.08

6.02, 6.05, 6.08

7.02, 7.05, 7.08

8.02, 8.05, 8.08

9.02, 9.05, 9.08

10.02, 10.05, 10.08

We will come up with a fair way to divvy the picks in this year’s rookie draft. I’ll likely have it snake from pick to pick opposite of the pick order for the startup draft.

For the startup draft, we will randomly select draft order. Draft will snake back and forth for all 25 rounds. We will utilize our facebook page to make selections. The idea will be to keep this three team draft moving quickly so you guys will have your teams ready to go and be able to interact with the rest of the league via trade proposals, etc well ahead of the rookie draft.

Normal annual buy-in is $60. $50 goes directly to payouts and $10 goes toward the league hosting fee on MFL and the annual winner’s trophy. You have plenty of solid available players to build your roster from the startup draft as well as draft capital for this year’s rookie draft. A lot of other orphan teams I have seen for sale are complete garbage with no star talent at all. I’ll be using Leaguesafe this year for fee collection and payouts.

Don’t forget to check out the league site for all scoring rules and weekly starting roster spots. This is IDP and also 2 QB + Superflex, so it allows for a lot of varying roster makeups and strategies.

Payouts are:
$50 each to the 3 regular season division winners
1st Place - $250
2nd Place - $150
3rd Place - $50
Reply with email if interested.


I don’t believe this is the right link for the league you described


I recently reset the three teams so you can run the free agent list to see available players to draft. Just have to ignore this years rookies.


So I’m not sure if it’s just because I’m using my mobile but I can’t seem to find the free agent list. I’m kind of interested in this league though


Send me your email. I can email you an excel file.




Are you on facebook? If you are can you send me an invite to friend. This way I can invite you to our league homepage. Kevin Charles


It might be easier for you to friend me, Christian Fox ‘Mole’. I found a few Kevin Charles’ on Facebook


still have a spot open?