Ethical dilemma

Fantasy ethics question: Cousins was dropped in our league. My waiver priority is low so I won’t get him. Is it unethical to comment on our league board alerting people he was dropped to prevent someone else from getting him?

I know the real answer is go with FAAB but please help

Do what you have to do! Sharing information isn’t illegal, so if there is someone with higher priority than the person who you know needs him, shout at your own risk

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I don’t think there’s anything ethically wrong with it at all but I still personally wouldn’t do it. A. You never know and he might slide to you if others don’t notice and B. Everyone else in the league who wanted him and didn’t get him because of your putting it on blast will be out to trip you up at every turn…

Alert the world and make a trade offer. it’s all fair game.

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You could try and do what I did in my league, someone dropped Doug Baldwin and I noticed it right away so I just picked up then dropped kickers to flood the activity feed. Come waiver day, no one noticed the Baldwin drop and I got him while 9th on waivers (out of 10). They thought I was crazy indecisive about a kicker and didn’t even notice he was available


This is just strategy. Definitely ethical, and if anyone says otherwise, they’re just bitter.

Ethics: moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or the conducting of an activity. You do what your moral principles guides you to do. But, most if not all on this forum will say that you are morally obligated to inform the league of this awesome opportunity. I think you are good to go to tell the world.